Interview with the Vainharha ( First ever Band Interview from 2009 )


Interview with the Vainharha

Interview by Birgit Grothoff 16.7.2009
Originally released at MySpace

While making this interview Vainharha guitarist Julius was in Obscene Extreme Festival at Czech Republic touring with his other band Büfo. So the vocalist Juhani and keyboard player Jaakko answered to the first Vainharha interview ever via email from Finland.
- If it isn't a secret I would like to ask about the meaning of your bandname. What does Vainharha mean in english and why did you choose the name for your band?

Jaakko - It was Juhani's idea, and it comes from a Finnish word "vainoharha" meaning paranoia, with the letter 'o' removed in the middle. It's just an illusion, but could be a paranoid one ;) So deal with it!
Juhani - Yeah and it's mainly a unique name with some vampire teeth in it. Just google our name and you see what I mean. The result is all about us. There is only one Vainharha in the whole world.
- Who had the idea for this band?

Jaakko - I don't know. I dig metal oxides, Julius slaps some sparks on them and Juhani sees to it that the thermite bomb find it's right target. :D
Juhani - Haha.. Yeah! I've had this idea for a long time. Some years ago I went to the local library and tried to lend the novel 'Interview with the Vampire' by Anne Rice after having seen and loved the movie. They said that it's not in, but that they can get it for me in a couple of days after getting it from the basement or whatever catacomb they keep this kind of literature in in Finland. Then they gave me this receipt that I could have the book with. So I came back a couple of days later at the given time and felt like this is some kind of secret book since they don't keep it out in the daylight! Anyway, Anne Rice's writing was so inspirational that I started to build the idea of this band around it. Try to listen to songs like 'Purema' and watch some clips from the movie on YouTube. You'll probably notice the influence...
" feed me this euphoria, expand my sanity ... you suffocated the life in me, drove the nails to my coffin..."

- How long has Vainharha existed and do you know each other long before the band was founded?

Jaakko - Well we have know each other with Juhani since childhood, we first met twenty five years ago, but really became reacquainted about twenty years ago. I had my first musical experiences with Juhani's computer and we really explored the world of entertainment around 1991. As well loads of home made wine and other liquids.
Juhani - Yes, we go way back. And in the last ten years we have been playing in different bands together. For example, with Jaakko I've played in a Finnish band called Ihmeellinen äänilaite and with Julius in a cover band called Paaso And The Hangovers. So when I started forming this band it was natural to ask these guys to join in and here we are.
- Why are your songs so scary?! Altough I like them very much.

Jaakko - I guess that taste has developed since childhood from watching horror and thriller movies. And of course the relationships we have been trough and the agonizing process of thinking about what happened after brake ups. Maybe even a strain of terror hell from one way to another. :D But it has all gone really good, although (like in real life too?) the happy endings are missing. Or are they? It depends on who you ask and from what perspective you look at things.
Juhani - I believe that music can be scary as well as happy. It's all about expressing emotions in a very creative way. I wrote the lyrics for the song 'Taste' about the feeling of losing your loved one who used to be with you all the time but is fucking other people now. These emotions usually end up really really bad, many times mixed with alcohol building things up. People have been killed for these kinds of emotions, just read the newspaper. Some even try to kill themselves to escape the pain. That's not good. So the idea with 'scary' music.. although dark music in general just warms my soul... is to face these emotions and maybe fears, just like in horror movies. And in the end, leave them behind and start over. Wiser than before, stronger in a way. I don't know how much a heart can take in the end, but at least the skin grows thicker around it until someone comes into you life again. The song called 'It Happened Before' is basically about that cycle in life.
- Have you ever played live?

Jaakko - With this group no, at least not yet. But we have been playing live with other band projects.

Juhani - True. The plan is to write new songs this whole year and put the best of them on the first album Vainharha - Purema in 2010 . The songs we have finished so far are all available at our homepage and some of them on MySpace. Usually bands start out the other way around, or so have at least the bands I've been in. This time it's music first and after that we consider doing live shows and other things.