Review of XIIs coming Single MORE / BEFORE


On December 1st 2014 John Carter's band XII  will release their Single MORE/BEFORE, on  Bandcamp , Amazon and on iTunes.


XII are :

John Carter (Ex - Fields of the Nephilim bassist) vocals and bass

Shaun Dunne (guitars),

Alex Martin (drums).

I've heard the coming Single before publication and i am more than impressed.
MORE is a very powerful, fast  song, very near to Nefilims Zoon album. Vocals, instruments are heavy and the song nearly blows me away !

The First Solo  in the Middle of  MORE is an unreachable Bassguitarsolo by John Carter !!

I am so impressed with how perfectly all the musicians play their instruments. Bass, Guitar, Drums whip fast forward and Johns vocals gives MORE the last great finishing touches.
MORE power has really impressed me, I played the song over and over again heard it very loud ! Wow. Very good job XII !

Best Metal sound i heared for ages !


BEFORE begins rather quiet if you heared MORE before... and reminds me musically of The Cult.  BEFORE has a very rocking , brilliant played guitar Intro. The song gets faster until it ends with a shouted BEFORE. 

Immediately BEFORE goes right to  my heart and I also need to hear the song again and again, so I was thrilled. John's rocking voice fits here exactly to the guitarsound and makes it perfect. Johns voice comes out very powerful in BEFORE together with the guitar.

BEFORE is in my opinion a good made Rocksong .
I Love both songs , both very different musicstyles, atmospheres  . I am so looking forward to the finished XII album!

MOVING IN THE SHADOWS will be released on 1st Jan. 2015.
XII puts all the power in versatile, sophisticated, handmade, honest music , a good Band found not very often today.


Thank you guys for your fantastic music , Rock on .




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