Über mich




Moved and inspired, as always, by a genuine and abiding passion for real, honest and truly heartfelt, handcrafted music, four established musicians, late of a common 28-year involvement in such major projects as Dead Guitars, 12 Drummers Drumming and yet others, founded the Wide.
The line-up: Pete Brough (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars), Ralf Aussem (Electric Guitars – and a broad repertoire of amazing sounds), Kurt Schmidt (Bass and backing vocals), Hermann Eugster (Drums and backing vocals).
During the last 6 months of 2017, they wrote, recorded and produced an exuberant rush of new songs - and true to their abilities and principles, this was done in a discerningly natural, live and authentic style that lets the listener share in what The Wide felt when writing and recording these songs. Now they are ready to perform them live.
Their music is authentic, meaningful and energetic Indie-Rock/Pop Music spiced with the occasional expressive ballad, danceable tune and atmospheric song.
The watchword is: real music for real people!